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Five simple phrases

I’m not always a bright ray of sunshine as much as I want to be. On some days (like yesterday), when I’m feeling under the weather, I just want to sit on the couch, and play video games. I’m sure that I am not the only person who has days like this, so when I encountered an article that lists “17 Things Happy People Say Every Day,” I thought it could pick me up and give me a couple of reminders that I can share with folks I care about, like you! :) First off, the article was fun and informative. But since it focused on happiness as a goal, and my blog is simply about making people smile, I chose the top five phrases that resonated with me, that are so easy to remember, and that could spread positive vibes instantly. And here they are, in no particular order: 1. “Thank You.” From a car stopping at the pedestrian sign to let you cross, a friend listening to you rant about an off day, or a stranger holding the door open for …

Let’s help teachers

My late grandmother and my sister are teachers and I know for a fact that they are not the only ones who spend their hard-earned money to buy school supplies for their students. This weekend, Bill and Melinda Gates will match your Back-to-School donation to teachers via You can even choose which area you’d like to donate to: From Books to Art Supplies to Field Trips and more (I chose books) — locally or in another state! I didn’t even know about this site until today, so Thank You Mr. Bill Gates for bringing this to our attention. :)

What Are You Thankful For?

I’m thankful for this super cute app that reminds me of simple things to be thankful for! :) And it’s free in the app store! Today, a pizza maker said he loves this idea. He also adds that, “sometimes, starting your day on a positive note is all you need to guarantee a good day.” I agree.


This picture reminds me of my parents. No, they don’t look like elephants:)  … but I know that the amount of unconditional love they poured out to us as we were growing up is enormous. Immeasurable. Though we’ve had our fair share of typical arguments (I was a teenager once, after all), I’ve grown to appreciate them so much more  when I entered adulthood. Similar to this beautiful photo, you know there is so much unspoken connection between parent and child that your heart feels an embrace. And that’s how I feel the moment I walk through the door of my parents’ home. I know that some children in this world are not as fortunate to have a person care for them but I do hope that they meet someone at some point in their lives who will make them feel this safe, this loved.  It’s a great feeling most tend to take for granted.