CupOfGood - Positivity

My mission is to make you smile today.

I’m not claiming to be the happiest person alive nor do I smile 24/7 —  but I like happy things. Maybe a bit more than others because I look for them online and I like to share them in simple images, timeless words, uplifting news that tug at heartstrings, trigger fond memories, and touch your soul. Because I like smiling. And I LOVE making people smile.

I know that I cannot force people to be positive. It’s not something you can buy off the shelf or download on your smart phone (there’s no app for that yet), but positivity can be shared through good vibes from one person to another. And as my fortune cookie message reminded me, if we’re willing to spend the energy, we all have the power to make ourselves and the people we love smile. Sometimes, that’s all we need to turn a day around.

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