All about the bees

While eating breakfast this morning, I noticed that our cereal box claimed that if we go to their website with our unique code, they will donate 50-cents to a bee-friendly charitable initiative. I can’t remember the last time I went online to “redeem a code” since it’s usually for a chance to win another bottle of soda or fastfood french fries. But this time, I was pretty excited! I get to help our worker bees AND choose the focus that my 50-cents will go to. Whether this is a Cascadian Farm marketing strategy that completely worked on me (as I am now very aware of their brand + they’ve effectively influenced my next purchase decision on cereals), OR a cause someone from the company is genuinely passionate about — at the end of the day, I feel like I contributed in a very small way, to benefit bees’ habitat creation and research.

I’m not affiliated with their company and I am not paid to endorse them, but the enthusiasm I felt in perusing their website (while I learned more about bees) reminded me of a Nielsen article I read last June regarding consumers “willing to put their money where their heart is.” Their survey concluded that consumers will pay 55% more for products and services provided by socially and environmentally responsible companies. I am one of those consumers and I am thrilled at the fact that more businesses consider positive causes as part of their priorities. If this is a marketing trend and corporations stay honest about their claims, I hope it’s here to stay.

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