A 99 year-old woman’s mission


Although I’m not at retirement age yet, I sometimes wonder what I would do when I am not able to work anymore. How would the days look like to begin with? If I’m blessed with good health enough to live up to my 90s and jetpacks aren’t around yet, would I read books? Continue blogging? Spoil my grandchildren? Do old-people dances with my husband to “pop classics” such as Katy Perry (jk!)? Maybe all of the above. What didn’t cross my mind immediately is what Lillian Webber is doing now: She is making a dress each day for a child in Africa.

In the past two years, Lillian has made more than 840 dresses for less fortunate kids — she even personalizes each one so that the recipient can call it her own. The frocks are sent overseas through the nonprofit organization, Little Dresses for Africa, who then delivers these pretty blessings to orphanages, schools, and churches. Lillian’s goal is to make 1000 dresses by May 6th, which will be her 100th birthday. What will she do after that thousandth dress?

“When I get to that thousand, if I’m able to, I won’t quit – I’ll go at it again,” Mrs. Weber said.

My heart is so touched upon reading this story. I can only hope that this kindness, drive and compassion for others will grow in me and continue to develop as I age… instead of withering away in my future rocking chair, yelling at “street youths” to get off my lawn. Cheers to Mrs. Lillian Webber, and thank you for giving us a wonderful idea on how to spend our free time wisely while making a positive impact in a child’s life. :)

For the full story, visit WQAD.com

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