*High Five!*

Here is another good find in San Francisco! Andrew Maxwell-Parish created a High-Five Cam using a GoPro and an Arduino. In his video, although not every single person returned his high-five, I am sure that the 97% who received and gave a high five back felt better afterwards. You can see it in their smile.

I personally like high-fives because it’s an immediate connection, an automatic give-and-take gesture between two humans who are in appreciation of something good that just happened. Or it’s as simple as a more fun way to acknowledge someone’s presence. My favorite one occurred while I was surfing in Kauai. I caught one of my best waves of the day and while riding back to shore with the Pacific Ocean’s force pushing my little board forward, another surfer paddling the opposite way gave me a well-timed, epic high-five along with a happy cheer/holler. That has been etched in my memory and it makes my whole being smile just thinking about it.

Thank you for making people smile in San Francisco, Andrew! You may have just made someone’s day.

**Virtual high-five to you and to all readers**


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  1. There’s also a hypothetical high five….wait for it….ok, just thought it with you :-)

    Hypothetical high five was created by Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. He does with his friends. I’m using it with family like you. Have a great day!

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