How to Spend Your Next Free 5 Minutes

Some of us complain that we do not have time. How about 5 minutes? I picked out my Top 3 ideas for spending those free short minutes from an article I saw last night, and slightly modified them based on personal experience. And although the ones I selected are not all that productive, they are fun. For tonight, that’s all I care about.

Cup of Good - Fun 5 Minutes

1. Listen to your favorite song. 
70’s disco? 80’s synth pop? 90’s R&B? 2000’s Boybands? Blast it in your car or put your earphones on and bop along. (By the way, singing your heart out with Boyz II Men is another level of catharsis, my friends.)

2. Say Hello
It’s easy to nod at someone as you pass each other in the hallway/ on the street. I have found that more often than not (unless they’re rushing to the restroom), people appreciate it when you really want to know how they are doing. Look at them sincerely and listen to them talk about their fun weekend, a crazy day, or just return a smile even when you get the stock “all good” response. You made time for someone’s life, and it’s a reminder that the world does not revolve around you, your emails, nor your powerpoints.

3. Write a Note or Mail a Smile
Speaking of smiles, I still get an enormous thrill when I receive a handwritten note from a friend via snail mail. Lately, my 6-year old nephew and I have been exchanging short letters and it is delightful both as a recipient and as a sender, knowing that the person hundreds of miles away may smile because of it. The fact that I am “introducing” this form of archaic communication to a little boy born in the age of texting or @-ing in social networks is an added bonus. USPS has made it easier for us too by selling pre-stamped notecards!  Get a stack of cards, write something, and drop it off. Easy peasy!

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