Websites I Like: Kiva.Org

CupOfGood -

I’ve been in the internet industry for over a decade and there are many, many websites I like. However, only a handful make a difference,  and a select few make a positive global impact. For this reason, I’m choosing to feature Kiva’s mission is to help alleviate poverty worldwide through micro-financing. It’s not about writing checks and dropping it in the mailbox. It is about helping someone through a loan, which they will then pay back.  You can read about the person’s background and life story on the site, you will see their payment plan, and you can fund another person/group after the other loan has been repaid. It’s so simple, it’s awesome.

For the first loan I’m lending to, I chose a 54 year old man’s recycling business in Philippines. His annual income is $1200 and he also has adopted children that he supports. I’ve met some people like him in Philippines. They barely have enough for themselves but they find it in their hearts to help others in any way they can.  So really, if I can buy a pair of $80 Toms shoes this weekend, how can I not help Peter with just $25?

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