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10-Year-Old Donates His Allowance to Save Cats!

A little boy melted my heart today, and his name is Evan. Why? I just found out that this 10-year-old from Philadelphia saves his allowance and donates them yearly to City Kitties, a non-profit rescue center for cats. How cute is that?! To top it off, his earnest letter is just too precious to not share … “Dear City Kitties, My name is Evan. I am 7 years old. And guess what? … I LOVE cats! They are my favorite animals and I got my cat at City Kitties as well! THANK YOU for letting me get my new cat! Thank you, City Kitties. Sincerely, Evan P.S. I get an allowance every week and I chose to make a donation to you. I love that you help cats find homes. I saved this money to help you help cats.” Evan, you inspire me.  <3 Photo Credit: Source:

Real Secret Santas

I first heard about real “Secret Santas” happening at a K-mart in Michigan last year, and I am so happy to learn that it has inspired others to do the same. Most recently, a $10,000 check was given by an anonymous donor to help payoff layaways in Walmart, and other similar stories have been reported across the nation this season. It excites me because that’s what the season is about: Giving, sharing, and spreading smiles wherever and whenever possible. At the end of the day, it’s not just about the money; it’s the invaluable and irreplaceable feeling that anyone is blessed with when he or she realizes that someone cares. There are times when I wish for this positive energy to be available all-year round; and I don’t think Christmas will be any less special if this was the case. For my part, I truly hope that I can keep up the message of joy, kindness, care, and love with everyone I meet in the coming years. Being appreciative and happy feels good. Making someone …

JK Rowling and Her Hogwarts Cash

Her rags-to-riches story is well-known and her achievements in writing one of the most popular series in the world are astonishing. Although tears almost accompanied my goosebumps when we visited “Hogwarts” in Orlando, I wouldn’t call myself a die-hard fan. I just always thought JK Rowling was notably impressive and of course, a great story-teller. Well, I also now believe that she’s an amazing person. Recently, I learned that she didn’t make it to the “Billionaires’ Club”  this time around because she made substantial donations to charity organizations focusing on children’s welfare, ms, poverty and illiteracy. This truly inspires me. While I donate what/when I can to charities and causes I believe in, I’d like to think that when I amass millions of dollars in the future (or in a parallel universe which is more plausible), I would follow suit and give as much as I receive. “You have a moral responsibility when you’ve been given far more than you need, to do wise things with it and give intelligently.”  – JK Rowling Source: Mother …

An Inspiring Disney Trip Giveaway

If you received an all-expense-paid trip to Disneyland, would you give it away? This includes airfare, mind you! Well, this wonderful boy did. In fact, inspired by the  red paper clip experiment, Brendan used Facebook and his toy soldier to trade up for credits and gift certificates, where he eventually accumulated enough for a Disney Trip  giveaway. The fun part: On Memorial Day, he randomly selected the name of a fallen soldier’s daughter and surprised her family with this lovely present in their Massachusetts home! So many factors blow me away here: There are 800 Million active users on Facebook, how many are giving away prizes out of the kindness of their hearts? He did not just donate his own money, he found a creative way to put a prize package together with the help of a community and social media. He honored not only one soldier, but he also reminded the world of the sacrifice that our soldiers and their families go through when they are on duty He is 9 years old. Watch …

INKED: A Story Of My Grandfather’s Short-Lived Tattoos

My grandparents own a convenience store in a busy part of town, where we have to “help as Sales Personnel” for part of our summer vacation. At two o’clock on a weekday however, we don’t have customers — so my grandfather and I would people-watch although there is barely anyone in sight except the unemployed and maids running errands. It was also a sketchy part of town and I remember seeing guys walk by shirtless, with massive tattoos on their arms, their necks. I was 8 years old and that gets scary. This one guy in particular looked like he just got out of prison, and I would sit there watching him drink with his buddies, marveling at the artwork, speculating what everything on his arm meant. Gang signs? I recognize Jesus. But what about the other symbols? Are they religious too? Or is it evil? I wonder what my religion teacher would say. Tatay (what I called my grandfather in Tagalog, pronounced as “tah-tahy”), who was hanging out at the convenience store with me, …

Real-Life Ninjas Save the Day!

I came across an article tonight that made me smile. A guy was chased down into an alley by three muggers … but it just so happens that the building next to the alley is a ninja training school. As the muggers started attacking, five fully-geared ninjas popped out of nowhere and chased them away. It’s a scene straight out of the movies! LOL! Just happy to see that people are still willing to help out someone in need. It’s been a while since I last trained in my old dojo, but I’d like to think that when the time comes, I’ll have the courage to save someone who might need me –even if I don’t have a ninja costume. Read the full story from the Sydney Morning Herald.


I really enjoy watching Ellen. In addition to an easygoing attitude, her humor, everything she stands for, AND providing the voice of one of my favorite Pixar characters Dory, she also finds such compelling stories that are captivating and inspirational at the same time. Take this recent interview with Sara Ferguson, for instance. With the Chester Upland School district’s budget cuts, Sara and many other teachers resolved to continue working without pay as long as they are “individually able” so that they can continue to educate the children from the low-income families in their community. How is that for dedication to your profession? Teaching is already a thankless job to begin with, and in public schools, many are underpaid even when they play a critical role in a child’s growth, learning, and future. Our future. Sara Ferguson and her fellow teachers deserve the highest praise.