Don’t stop believin’ Arnel

If you’re a self-proclaimed cheeseball like me, then you must have a special place in your heart for Journey and their heartfelt songs such as Don’t Stop Believin’. It makes me smile every time I hear it, and I welcome it anytime, anyplace. I will crank that radio UP! The fact that Journey found their new frontman in Philippines via YouTube — a man who was homeless at one point — is a story worth hearing. I heard the news in 2008 and it still warms my heart to this day. It’s a combination of many things I enjoy: Journey, an inspiring story about a person from a third world country, internet’s positive role in connecting people, Filipino talent, and great ballads.  It’s about time someone made a documentary on Arnel Pineda’s Cinderella story, and I am VERY excited to see it.

For more movie info:
Another trailer from Ellen’s show.

**UPDATE 3/17: I saw the movie and I LOVED it! Tears fell =] **

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