Free hugs

I enjoy sitting in an airport because I get to observe the different folks around me. I've mentioned this before, but the pure joy I get to witness when a person hugs their missed loved one makes me really happy.  This is why I thought Juan Mann's Free Hugs Campaign is simply beautiful. Almost everyone, whether it comes from... Continue Reading →

Mini-bars and hamsters

I'm not talking about a hotel mini-bar. I'm referring to the itty-bitty sushi bar/izakaya that Ginji the hamster is managing as seen here. I've been seeing Ginji's rise to fame on the internet but the more recent photos that I came across via my brother's Tumblr blog is just so ridiculous in its cuteness that I HAVE to... Continue Reading →

Recycle empty bottles for furry friends

After downing that thirst-quenching summer drink, was there a time when you thought of turning your empty plastic bottle or soda can into something more useful other than throwing it in the recycling bin? In Istanbul, they can be used to provide food for dogs and cats immediately! Pugedon, a Turkish company, recently introduced an innovative vending machine... Continue Reading →

A fish cake for a cute walrus

  Here's a photo of Nikolai the Walrus from Netherlands, after he was presented with a birthday cake made out of fish! Source:

Marvelous earth

  Sometimes, I cannot help but stare in awe at nature -- even if it's just a photo. The one featured above is an example of a natural phenomenon captured in Iceland where Northern Lights were passing through. For anyone who has ever played an MMORPG or who has seen alien movies, doesn't this look eerily familiar? :) For more... Continue Reading →

*High Five!* Here is another good find in San Francisco! Andrew Maxwell-Parish created a High-Five Cam using a GoPro and an Arduino. In his video, although not every single person returned his high-five, I am sure that the 97% who received and gave a high five back felt better afterwards. You can see it in their smile. I... Continue Reading →

How to Spend Your Next Free 5 Minutes

Some of us complain that we do not have time. How about 5 minutes? I picked out my Top 3 ideas for spending those free short minutes from an article I saw last night, and slightly modified them based on personal experience. And although the ones I selected are not all that productive, they are fun. For tonight, that's all... Continue Reading →

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