Song of the day: “I Feel Good”

Mondays can be a challenge. For our group in particular, we start off with an early morning meeting where everyone commits to the work planned for the next two weeks. Saying that everyone had sulky, post-holiday blues is an understatement. However, as we went around the room and confirmed that we feel good about the work we are committing to, this song popped into my head.

My turn came and after confirming that I FEEL GOOD about the work I’m planning on delivering, I played this song. Why not? I even included a little dance with it! Everyone lifted their heads from their laptop screens, laughed, and joked that I should share whatever drug I’m on. Someone danced with me too! A colleague also thanked me for the surprise to their gloomy Monday, while another sent me a message hours later:


Not only did I feel good, I now feel even better.

Thank you for brightening our day, James Brown!

P.S. This was the song that my husband and I played when we entered our reception hall during our wedding. I’ve seen firsthand that it made EVERYONE smile. How can you not bop your head to this song? It is simply impossible.

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