Richie Parker, extraordinary engineer


Let me be the first to say that I am not immune to complaining. While I try to remember all the good things in this world and everything that I should be grateful for on a daily basis, I still have days where I am just a brat. I am not alone on that one, I think. Waking up in the morning to exercise is “hard,” commuting to a work place where there is a ton of traffic can get “hard,” washing a car is “hard.” As Richie Parker demonstrates, however — it’s all relative.

Richie Parker was born without arms. Yet he did not let this stop him from doing what he wanted to do — from riding bikes, driving cars, to becoming a respected NASCAR engineer in Hendrick Motor Sports. He uses the computer on a daily basis by placing the keyboard and mouse on the floor for his foot to operate. He uses his chin and his shoulder to wash his car, and he uses his toes to weld — among other things! His passion and determination is simply astounding and I just have to share his story as featured on ESPN.

I believe some recognition also goes to his parents, also featured in the video. All that love, support, and encouragement are instrumental in Richie’s development as an inspiring human being. Equally important is the fact that they believed in him. As Richie courageously notes,  “I don’t know there’s a lot in life … that I’d say I can’t do. Just things I have not done yet.”


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