Working moms, you’re Awesome

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I was raised in an unconventional household. My father was the homemaker, and my mother was the breadwinner. When I was younger, I  was a little bit jealous of friends whose moms baked cookies. Not that my household is any less cool, but it was different. And being different is not always ideal when you’re that young. Subconsciously (and I hated to admit it when I was a teenager) my mom served as an inspiration: She is strong and determined. She is intelligent and she broke social barriers. She made sure we did well in school, she knows who our friends are,  and she pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. She, together with my father, made a great team in spite of our unusual household set-up in the past three decades.  Sure she missed some PTA meetings and she doesn’t cook every single day, but she has made great sacrifices to ensure that we, her children, grow up to be responsible adults with good values, and that we are equipped to face the world in both challenges and opportunities presented to us.

More importantly, in a world where going with the flow is the norm, my working mom didn’t teach us to believe blindly, she taught us and showed us how to think for ourselves.  I entered my teenage years without seeing traditional “gender roles” in regards to what they should, and should not do.   I saw individuals with the potential to do and be anything they want to be.  I believed that there are no roles that women should just stick to for the sake of society’s expectations, and the same goes for men.

Many working moms get criticized for their choice, but they’re just as amazing as stay-at-home moms, in my humble opinion. To working moms out there, I hope you feel appreciated and loved this weekend, and every day of the  year. Your children loves you too, I promise.

Photo credit: Flickr Commons, jemasmith
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  1. Enjoyed examining this, very good stuff, appreciate it. “It is in justice that the ordering of society is centered.” by Aristotle.

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