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Caffe Sospeso: The Best Cup of Coffee

  Caffe Sospeso (“Suspended Coffee”) is a tradition in Italy that involves a customer buying a cup of coffee for someone who cannot afford it, as an anonymous act of charity. This started when cafe patrons in the working-class parts of Naples who experienced good luck would buy two cups of coffee and consume only one. The cafe would then reserve the other cup for a less fortunate person, and serve it to him/her for free. I thought that this story is an internet hoax because it just sounded too nice to be true. As it turns out, snopes (urban legend debunker site) confirmed it based on several personal accounts, and I’d like to believe it is. This is one way to spread good karma around — although simple, it shows people sharing their joy and caring for their fellowmen, strangers included. Thank you for the idea, Naples!