We are responsible

Unlike other quotes with overarching reminders for life in general, I love how this can apply to anyone in any given situation. I strive hard to be positive, but on times when I am less-friendlier than usual, I have to recognize that how I approach the day with my energy could affect people -- even... Continue Reading →

Come Alive!

  Cheers to the New Year! May you find the courage to do what makes you come alive.

An Extra Mile

  And you know what?  The few folks you still see standing at the extra-mile point (or extra-hundred-mile point for that matter) ...really are the ones whom you want to be with through the end, anyway. For the men and women who always go above and beyond, cheers to you.

The right track

I've seen many people become complacent. To be honest it's one of my personal fears, as I understand how easy it is to just go through the motions and fall into a familiar routine.  However, on those times where I've sought and taken on daunting opportunities, I truly believe that the experience helped me grow... Continue Reading →

Better than Dreams

  This is a photo of my husband and I from our wedding day. When we first started dating, I found myself thinking many times that if this whole thing is a dream, I didn't want to wake up. I'm so happy.

Can’t Stop the Waves…

  I may be a bit biased because I surf and I love everything about it. While learning how to surf is another feat on its own, this fun reminder however, applies to almost every situation -- whether you're in Southern California or NYC.  And I love it.

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