Can’t Stop the Waves…

  I may be a bit biased because I surf and I love everything about it. While learning how to surf is another feat on its own, this fun reminder however, applies to almost every situation -- whether you're in Southern California or NYC.  And I love it.

A Reasonable Workflow

In one of my old jobs, I had this print posted on my cube.  When challenges became cyclical, politically insurmountable, and started taking up too much of my life/ myself after I've given it my all,  I decided to move on. This workflow may have played a part in that decision, and I'm glad I... Continue Reading →

DIY burnout cures

"Burnout" refers to exhaustion of physical/emotional/mental strength or motivation usually as a result of prolonged stress. I came across a helpful article that offered advice on how to undo the effects of Burnout with easily attainable examples. Here are my key takeaways and they're especially applicable if switching jobs or taking a long vacation is not... Continue Reading →


Days had been extra challenging at work lately, but reading this puts things in perspective. Sure it's a bit melodramatic but in the middle of my complaints about self-centered trivial things, the message makes me reflect on what is truly important.

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