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Positive Effects of Body Language

This video highlights the potential for a positive effect in one’s life through (really) simple behavioral changes in our body language that I believe we can all learn. I’ve always been a fan of studies on nonverbal cues in human interactions as it reveals so much more behind what is being said. Amy Cuddy, the brilliant Ted speaker featured here,  goes deeper than person-to-person communication, and encourages everyone to use body language on ourselves to help shape our disposition for that day, or for the rest of the year even! She also shares a personal story that was very touching, and that reminded me of the raw power each person has to improve one’s self.  The video is 21 minutes but it is well worth your time. I promise. For more info on Amy Cuddy, please visit

Be Brave

Recently, I came across Sara Bareilles’ Brave video  and something about it made me pause. The fearless dancers, the lightness + brightness that each section was shot in,  and of course, the earnest message of the song, simply struck a chord in me. I was smiling the whole way through. On a side note: Have you ever found yourself alone in the house with nothing to do? Turn the radio on and dance your heart out. It is so. much. fun. Don’t forget to crank up the volume.

We are responsible

Unlike other quotes with overarching reminders for life in general, I love how this can apply to anyone in any given situation. I strive hard to be positive, but on times when I am less-friendlier than usual, I have to recognize that how I approach the day with my energy could affect people — even if I try hard not to impose my world upon others. Whether it’s unbridled enthusiasm or lack thereof (especially on Mondays?), we have to remember that  we are surrounded by sentient beings in the same space that we subconsciously influence for better or for worse. And we are responsible.

Song of the Day: Three Little Birds by Bob Marley & The Wailers

Stressful situations are a part of life. While I try my best to prepare for an event (presentation, interview, etc.), I get to a point when I’ve prepared so much that I amp myself up with energy and a dose of anxiety. I then realized that I need to start looking for ways to calm myself down — almost like a ritual to force my jittering nerves to relax. Lately, I found myself really appreciating a warm cup of coffee/tea while listening to reggae. Although music genre and style is subjective, the message of this particular song called “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley & The Wailers is universal: Things will be alright. It’s not asking you to BE happy… just, stop worrying.

Aspirations, Words, and Diagrams

I came across this article in titled, “40 Things To Say Before You Die.”  It’s simple, straight to the point, and I enjoyed the barebones diagrams because they help put these loaded words in context (or sometimes, in contrast) to an accompanying concept or ideal. It’s a reminder that maybe a simple “I’m sorry” can avoid a bucketload of tears and future heartache. For the record,  I did jump out of an airplane. And I loved it.

Working moms, you’re Awesome

I was raised in an unconventional household. My father was the homemaker, and my mother was the breadwinner. When I was younger, I  was a little bit jealous of friends whose moms baked cookies. Not that my household is any less cool, but it was different. And being different is not always ideal when you’re that young. Subconsciously (and I hated to admit it when I was a teenager) my mom served as an inspiration: She is strong and determined. She is intelligent and she broke social barriers. She made sure we did well in school, she knows who our friends are,  and she pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. She, together with my father, made a great team in spite of our unusual household set-up in the past three decades.  Sure she missed some PTA meetings and she doesn’t cook every single day, but she has made great sacrifices to ensure that we, her children, grow up to be responsible adults with good values, and that we are equipped to face …