Two Kids and a Banana Leaf Umbrella

  I found this photo on Pinterest and it brought a gigantic smile to my heart and my dry winter cheeks. I could almost hear the little guy's laughter through his radiant face in this photograph ... and the banana leaf is just priceless. Photo Credit: Kendisan Seruyan

Thank You Notes

Tomorrow, I'm going to my very first hockey game, courtesy of our landlord who gave us extra tickets for free. I'm so excited and grateful! While thinking of the Thank You note we're going to send him, it reminded me of this funny Thank You note written by a kid named Flint to a local... Continue Reading →

10 year-old donates his allowance to save cats!

A little boy melted my heart today, and his name is Evan. Why? I just found out that this 10-year-old from Philadelphia saves his allowance and donates them yearly to City Kitties, a non-profit rescue center for cats. How cute is that?! To top it off, his earnest letter is just too precious to not share... Continue Reading →

An Inspiring Disney Trip Giveaway

If you received an all-expense-paid trip to Disneyland, would you give it away? This includes airfare, mind you! Well, this wonderful boy did. In fact, inspired by the  red paper clip experiment, Brendan used Facebook and his toy soldier to trade up for credits and gift certificates, where he eventually accumulated enough for a Disney... Continue Reading →

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