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Real-Life Ninjas Save the Day!

I came across an article tonight that made me smile. A guy was chased down into an alley by three muggers … but it just so happens that the building next to the alley is a ninja training school. As the muggers started attacking, five fully-geared ninjas popped out of nowhere and chased them away. It’s a scene straight out of the movies! LOL! Just happy to see that people are still willing to help out someone in need. It’s been a while since I last trained in my old dojo, but I’d like to think that when the time comes, I’ll have the courage to save someone who might need me –even if I don’t have a ninja costume. Read the full story from the Sydney Morning Herald.


I really enjoy watching Ellen. In addition to an easygoing attitude, her humor, everything she stands for, AND providing the voice of one of my favorite Pixar characters Dory, she also finds such compelling stories that are captivating and inspirational at the same time. Take this recent interview with Sara Ferguson, for instance. With the Chester Upland School district’s budget cuts, Sara and many other teachers resolved to continue working without pay as long as they are “individually able” so that they can continue to educate the children from the low-income families in their community. How is that for dedication to your profession? Teaching is already a thankless job to begin with, and in public schools, many are underpaid even when they play a critical role in a child’s growth, learning, and future. Our future. Sara Ferguson and her fellow teachers deserve the highest praise.