Sand Grains You’ve Never Seen

Many of us have been to the beach countless times. I've felt the sand underneath my soles, have had to wash them off my surfboard, and it has collectively made me wiggle my feet (Elaine-dance style!) in efforts to dust them off flip-flops after a glorious day at the beach. Yet I found myself in... Continue Reading →

Two Kids and a Banana Leaf Umbrella

  I found this photo on Pinterest and it brought a gigantic smile to my heart and my dry winter cheeks. I could almost hear the little guy's laughter through his radiant face in this photograph ... and the banana leaf is just priceless. Photo Credit: Kendisan Seruyan

Be Brave Recently, I came across Sara Bareilles' Brave video  and something about it made me pause. The fearless dancers, the lightness + brightness that each section was shot in,  and of course, the earnest message of the song, simply struck a chord in me. I was smiling the whole way through. On a side note:... Continue Reading →

Thank You Notes

Tomorrow, I'm going to my very first hockey game, courtesy of our landlord who gave us extra tickets for free. I'm so excited and grateful! While thinking of the Thank You note we're going to send him, it reminded me of this funny Thank You note written by a kid named Flint to a local... Continue Reading →

Your Happy Jar

This colorful image in inspired me. Although the original idea is about memories, I thought this would be a good (and cute) method for counting blessings this year. When something makes you smile or when something good happens, write it down, and drop the note in your recycled jar. "Upcycled" if you're fancy. ;) On... Continue Reading →

Cute Halloween Idea: Bat Pumpkins!

I'm not a super crafty person, but seeing this photo made me go straight to Michael's especially since my 3-year old nephew could not use carving tools just yet. Although I did most of the work, he had a blast painting a mini pumpkin black, determining the shape of the eyes, and admiring his masterpiece... Continue Reading →

Cute Bunnies and a Challenge For You

There is nothing like seeing a photo of cute little bunnies to make you smile. Even if it's just for a fleeting moment, the day's troubles are forgotten. And for that, I am thankful. How about you? What is your kryptonite? Here's an entire  challenge presented by BuzzFeed: Can You Make it Through This Post Without Squealing? ... Continue Reading →

Bento Boxes

The "trend" has come and gone, but every time I see a crafty bento box, I cannot help but smile. If this was packed for me, I wouldn't want to eat it but it will definitely make my day. For those who like looking at ridiculously cute things, there are more bento boxes over here.... Continue Reading →

Go Go Gazelle!

I know that there is a circle of life. Predators eat prey. Every once in a while, the prey outsmarts not only one  -- but two predators at the same time! I find this very amusing. Here's to the underdogs. Or the gazelles of the world.

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