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Let’s help teachers

My late grandmother and my sister are teachers and I know for a fact that they are not the only ones who spend their hard-earned money to buy school supplies for their students. This weekend, Bill and Melinda Gates will match your Back-to-School donation to teachers via You can even choose which area you’d like to donate to: From Books to Art Supplies to Field Trips and more (I chose books) — locally or in another state! I didn’t even know about this site until today, so Thank You Mr. Bill Gates for bringing this to our attention. :)

Smiling kids in Cape Town

This video is bursting with excitement and smiles, you’d think the kids won a trip to Disneyland…  but the children are orphans from Cape Town, South Africa and they are simply excited. To say that they do not have much is an understatement, yet they really are just THAT happy  to see a friend/volunteer whom they’ve missed in the past six months. Captured from a first person’s point of view via GoPro, it is hard not to smile back at the lovely faces.   Read about Intsikelelo’s story. Really impressive, you guys. I am so inspired by your kindness, motivation, optimism, and heart.

Katie’s 34 acts of kindness

Some people want a lavish party or a fancy present on their birthday. Katie decided to celebrate by doing 34 acts of kindness, while urging the recipient to pay it forward. To me, this is such a good reminder that anyone can do something kind for a stranger. It does not have to be grand, it does not have to be Christmas, you just have to want to do it. You’re an inspiration, Katie! For more ideas on simple acts of kindness that you can do today, check out Source: Urbandale Patch

Song of the Day: Three Little Birds by Bob Marley & The Wailers

Stressful situations are a part of life. While I try my best to prepare for an event (presentation, interview, etc.), I get to a point when I’ve prepared so much that I amp myself up with energy and a dose of anxiety. I then realized that I need to start looking for ways to calm myself down — almost like a ritual to force my jittering nerves to relax. Lately, I found myself really appreciating a warm cup of coffee/tea while listening to reggae. Although music genre and style is subjective, the message of this particular song called “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley & The Wailers is universal: Things will be alright. It’s not asking you to BE happy… just, stop worrying.

Aspirations, Words, and Diagrams

I came across this article in titled, “40 Things To Say Before You Die.”  It’s simple, straight to the point, and I enjoyed the barebones diagrams because they help put these loaded words in context (or sometimes, in contrast) to an accompanying concept or ideal. It’s a reminder that maybe a simple “I’m sorry” can avoid a bucketload of tears and future heartache. For the record,  I did jump out of an airplane. And I loved it.

Websites I Like: Kiva.Org

I’ve been in the internet industry for over a decade and there are many, many websites I like. However, only a handful make a difference,  and a select few make a positive global impact. For this reason, I’m choosing to feature Kiva’s mission is to help alleviate poverty worldwide through micro-financing. It’s not about writing checks and dropping it in the mailbox. It is about helping someone through a loan, which they will then pay back.  You can read about the person’s background and life story on the site, you will see their payment plan, and you can fund another person/group after the other loan has been repaid. It’s so simple, it’s awesome. For the first loan I’m lending to, I chose a 54 year old man’s recycling business in Philippines. His annual income is $1200 and he also has adopted children that he supports. I’ve met some people like him in Philippines. They barely have enough for themselves but they find it in their hearts to help others in any way they can. …