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Your Happy Jar

This colorful image in inspired me. Although the original idea is about memories, I thought this would be a good (and cute) method for counting blessings this year. When something makes you smile or when something good happens, write it down, and drop the note in your recycled jar. “Upcycled” if you’re fancy. ;) On New Year’s Eve, read about all the amazing things from your 2013 Happy Jar!

Cute Halloween Idea: Bat Pumpkins!

I’m not a super crafty person, but seeing this photo made me go straight to Michael’s especially since my 3-year old nephew could not use carving tools just yet. Although I did most of the work, he had a blast painting a mini pumpkin black, determining the shape of the eyes, and admiring his masterpiece when it was all done. To me, it was a fun way to spend the Halloween afternoon with the family. Wanna make bat pumpkins too? View the full set of instructions on Photo Credit:

Cute Bunnies and a Challenge For You

There is nothing like seeing a photo of cute little bunnies to make you smile. Even if it’s just for a fleeting moment, the day’s troubles are forgotten. And for that, I am thankful. How about you? What is your kryptonite? Here’s an entire  challenge presented by BuzzFeed: Can You Make it Through This Post Without Squealing?  FYI: I didn’t even make it past the first post without “aww”-ing.

Bento Boxes

The “trend” has come and gone, but every time I see a crafty bento box, I cannot help but smile. If this was packed for me, I wouldn’t want to eat it but it will definitely make my day. For those who like looking at ridiculously cute things, there are more bento boxes over here. (Photo from Google Images/modesBlog)

Go Go Gazelle!

I know that there is a circle of life. Predators eat prey. Every once in a while, the prey outsmarts not only one  — but two predators at the same time! I find this very amusing. Here’s to the underdogs. Or the gazelles of the world.

Mermaid Dreams

Sometimes, I still wish I’m a mermaid so I can swim with fish, turtles, dolphins, and other sea creatures all day. I may never learn to breathe underwater, but snorkeling helps me pretend when I peek at the world below the surface. Everything is quiet and a certain peacefulness embraces me once I am under.


I can’t help but smile every time I pass by a playground. It’s synonymous with childhood and that time of life where my only worry is homework. Or finding someone to seesaw with when my best friend is grounded. It’s unadulterated bliss. Today, I still occasionally hop on a slide or try and go as high as I could on a helpless swing. I know I’m decades past playground-age… but, why not? The above photo is of Clemyjontri Park in VA — one of the fanciest I’ve seen, from the article “The 5 Coolest Playgrounds in the U.S.” Check it out! :)

Real-Life Ninjas Save the Day!

I came across an article tonight that made me smile. A guy was chased down into an alley by three muggers … but it just so happens that the building next to the alley is a ninja training school. As the muggers started attacking, five fully-geared ninjas popped out of nowhere and chased them away. It’s a scene straight out of the movies! LOL! Just happy to see that people are still willing to help out someone in need. It’s been a while since I last trained in my old dojo, but I’d like to think that when the time comes, I’ll have the courage to save someone who might need me –even if I don’t have a ninja costume. Read the full story from the Sydney Morning Herald.