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Recycle empty bottles for furry friends

After downing that thirst-quenching summer drink, was there a time when you thought of turning your empty plastic bottle or soda can into something more useful other than throwing it in the recycling bin? In Istanbul, they can be used to provide food for dogs and cats immediately! Pugedon, a Turkish company, recently introduced an innovative vending machine that releases water and food for our stray furry friends, in exchange for recyclables. As seen in the photo below, people can deposit their bottle through the slot on top and a portion of food is dispensed to the next pup (or kitty) that comes along. As for operations, the profit made from the recycled bottles or cans are used to cover the cost of pet food. Plus, it’s all solar-powered! Kudos to Pugedon for giving their stray animals a chance, while doing their part in saving the planet, one recyclable at a time. Source: Big Think

Marvelous earth

  Sometimes, I cannot help but stare in awe at nature — even if it’s just a photo. The one featured above is an example of a natural phenomenon captured in Iceland where Northern Lights were passing through. For anyone who has ever played an MMORPG or who has seen alien movies, doesn’t this look eerily familiar? :) For more photos to marvel at, check out this article on AmazingFacts.

*High Five!*

Here is another good find in San Francisco! Andrew Maxwell-Parish created a High-Five Cam using a GoPro and an Arduino. In his video, although not every single person returned his high-five, I am sure that the 97% who received and gave a high five back felt better afterwards. You can see it in their smile. I personally like high-fives because it’s an immediate connection, an automatic give-and-take gesture between two humans who are in appreciation of something good that just happened. Or it’s as simple as a more fun way to acknowledge someone’s presence. My favorite one occurred while I was surfing in Kauai. I caught one of my best waves of the day and while riding back to shore with the Pacific Ocean’s force pushing my little board forward, another surfer paddling the opposite way gave me a well-timed, epic high-five along with a happy cheer/holler. That has been etched in my memory and it makes my whole being smile just thinking about it. Thank you for making people smile in San Francisco, Andrew! You may have just made someone’s day. **Virtual high-five to you and to …

How to Spend Your Next Free 5 Minutes

Some of us complain that we do not have time. How about 5 minutes? I picked out my Top 3 ideas for spending those free short minutes from an article I saw last night, and slightly modified them based on personal experience. And although the ones I selected are not all that productive, they are fun. For tonight, that’s all I care about. 1. Listen to your favorite song.  70’s disco? 80’s synth pop? 90’s R&B? 2000’s Boybands? Blast it in your car or put your earphones on and bop along. (By the way, singing your heart out with Boyz II Men is another level of catharsis, my friends.) 2. Say Hello It’s easy to nod at someone as you pass each other in the hallway/ on the street. I have found that more often than not (unless they’re rushing to the restroom), people appreciate it when you really want to know how they are doing. Look at them sincerely and listen to them talk about their fun weekend, a crazy day, or just return a smile even when you get the stock “all good” response. …

Sand Grains You’ve Never Seen

Many of us have been to the beach countless times. I’ve felt the sand underneath my soles, have had to wash them off my surfboard, and it has collectively made me wiggle my feet (Elaine-dance style!) in efforts to dust them off flip-flops after a glorious day at the beach. Yet I found myself in awe when I saw Dr. Gary Greenberg’s series of microscopic photos of sand grains. Just look at that! They’re beautiful and I had to share with the world! More photos in 

Be Brave

Recently, I came across Sara Bareilles’ Brave video  and something about it made me pause. The fearless dancers, the lightness + brightness that each section was shot in,  and of course, the earnest message of the song, simply struck a chord in me. I was smiling the whole way through. On a side note: Have you ever found yourself alone in the house with nothing to do? Turn the radio on and dance your heart out. It is so. much. fun. Don’t forget to crank up the volume.