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Brain-computer interface helps paralyzed patient write text messages

“Mindwriting” may sound like science fiction, but the future is here.

I’ve learned recently that a patient who is paralyzed from neck down, was able to communicate in real-time — forming complete sentences — simply by using his mind!

Through new developments in brain computer interfaces (BCI), scientists implanted two tiny sensors on the outer layer of the participant’s brain that detects activity as he mentally visualized the handwriting movement. An algorithm decodes the motion for each letter and translates it into text which appeared on a computer screen.

Essentially, he can “text” as fast as any able-bodied person can, and I am just in awe at this groundbreaking technology. While more work and research needs to be done, this new brain-to-text system will help millions of people suffering from paralysis in the coming years.

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Sea Otters!

A few facts:

  • They will cover their eyes with their cute paws to help them sleep (video below).
  • They hold hands when they sleep so the other doesn’t float away.
  • The sea otter can live its entire life without leaving the water.
  • The sea otter is one of the few mammal species on Earth to use a tool to help it hunt and feed.
  • Sea otters are the cutest.

A library from trash

I love libraries. This particular library however, is a pretty special one: the books are collected from people’s trash! When Durson Ipek, a sanitation worker in Turkey, found a pile of discarded books in the garbage, he started gathering them along with other books he found on the streets. Other garbage men joined him too and soon their collection started to grow when locals participated and donated more books.

According to TRT world, there are currently 4000 books and the library is now open to the public. They also plan to help children in need through books, and turn a garbage truck into a mobile library. How cool is that?! Check out the video below!

Apps I like: Khan Academy Kids

On some days, I still cannot believe that Khan Academy Kids is 100% free. It has one of the best educational content that I’ve seen out there (and I’ve gone through SO MUCH), it’s a whole lot of fun, and it hasn’t even asked me to subscribe once. Most recently, they launched sixty new books about ocean life, dinosaurs, friendship, and more with the lovable characters that have been guiding children through their very own personalized learning path. Their website even has tips for distance learning and worksheets you can print for your littles. I am so grateful that organizations like this exist. Educating our children –our future leaders is always a win-win!

Flower frogs

When I hear the word “cute,” I don’t immediately think of frogs. But this image of two frogs taking shelter from the rain with a reassuring arm on the other’s back, made me pause and smile.

This looks like a love song. Let’s take care of each other.

My goal is to make you smile today

I’m not claiming to be the merriest person alive nor do I smile 24/7 —but I like happy things. Maybe a bit more than others because I look for them online and I like to share them through images, timeless words, uplifting news that tug at heartstrings, trigger fond memories, and touch your soul. Because I like smiling. And I LOVE making people smile.

I know that I cannot force people to think positively. It’s not something you can buy off the shelf or download on your phone, but positivity can be shared through good vibes from one person to another. And as my fortune cookie message reminded me, if we’re willing to spend the energy, we all have the power to make ourselves and the people we love smile. Sometimes, that’s all we need to turn a day around.

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Paying with Post-its

A cafe in Queensland created the ‘pay with a Post-it’ system last May and it’s still going! ❤️ Thank you for setting a great example on how to be humans, Bean N Loaf! We all should do this more often. You’re an inspiration.

From the Bean n Loaf Instagram post:

Hey Fam🙌
We are not sure if you have noticed it today but we have introduced “Pay With A PostIt” at Bean N Loaf. Life has been difficult for many of us out there lately and we wanted to provide this platform for those who want to pay for a coffee or two for those having hard time. Thanks to those wonderful humans who already paid for a few today, we are sure the ones using it would most definitely appreciate it. It’s another little thing we do to keep our wonderful community together. Thank you
Rudra & Team @beannloaf

A sonnet a day

One of my favorite things about studying literature in college was seeing the passion emanate from my professors. Some are so fiercely flamboyant in their deep love, while some have a quiet reverence that is almost transcendent. In both situations, when they read a passage, you feel it in your soul. Sir Patrick Steward reminds me of them and he does Shakespearean sonnets justice. 

Watch him read his sonnets @